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Jim Davies: Art: Haiku

Haiku by Jim Davies
  1. Cold senior on bus
    slowly warms between stops, 'til
    door opens again.

  2. Unfinished burger
    thown into a compost bin
    blue jay starves outside

  3. Dog leashed to cold fence
    watches steam accumulate
    in Starbucks window

  4. ice falls from a roof
    shatter echos several times
    on empty Sparks street.

  5. Los Angeles guest
    walks our canal with delight
    large amount of ice

  6. in an icy tree
    a swuirrel struggles to recall
    where she hid the nut

  7. the drop tile ceiling
    reflects the desk lamps of the
    cubicles below

  8. white Ottawa streets
    scarves dutifully cover
    reddened and cold cheeks

  9. The frozen pizza
    tastes as good as a fresh one
    to the starving man.

  10. The wind blows the cards
    to assert what's important,
    from table to air.

  11. Shorts and miniskirts
    reveal the legs of springtime
    and make my blood churn.

  12. Even cubicles
    are nice window offices
    thanks to microsoft.

  13. Baby weeps softly
    making people's brains react

  14. Baby lab monkey
    embracing a fur puppet
    misses its mother.

  15. The cowardly man
    doesn't change his old hair-do
    he knows looks stupid.

  16. Spam fried golden brown--
    the health-conscious will not say
    how yummy it is.

  17. Blu-blockers taint earth
    with a yellowish sky, but
    make trees more vibrant

  18. Hot tea is cooling
    on the porch in wintertime.
    Drink it soon, mother.

  19. Video gamer--
    his character far exceeds
    his power off-line.

  20. Genius in trouble--
    wishes dealing with his wife
    was easy as chess.

  21. Ant hill in the lab
    wants to play the lab bee hive
    in a game of chance.

  22. Tall man riding coach--
    afraid to ask the stewardess
    for a first-class seat.

  23. Flying bird looks up
    with reciprocated awe
    at a jet liner.

  24. JimDavies ( jim@jimdavies.org )