Universal Magnitudes and Conversion for Table-Top Role-Playing Games

UMexample powerFateWoD AttributeWoD SkillWoD CombinedRollMythicD6 ComninedRollMythicD6 AttMythicD6 SkillMythicD6 DiffPBtA AttD&D Att
1fleaAbysmalchance die0 dotschance die1d-31d-30d1?1
2cricketAbysmalchance die0 dotschance die1d-31d-30d1?1
5mouseAbysmalchance die0 dotschance die1d-21d-20d1?1
6ratAwfulchance die0 dotschance die1d-11d-10d2?2
7gullAwfulchance die0 dotschance die1d-11d-10d2?2
8house catAwfulchance die0 dotschance die1d-11d-10d2?2
10raccoonAwfulchance die0 dotschance die1d-11d-10d2?2
205 year-oldTerrible1 dot0 dots1 dot1d1d0d2-33
21wolfTerrible1 dot0 dots1 dot1d+11d0d+12-23
226 year-oldTerrible1 dot0 dots1 dot1d+21d0d+22-23
237 year-oldTerrible1 dot0 dots1 dot1d+31d0d+32-24
248 year-oldPoor1 dot1 dot2 dots2d1d1d2-25
259 year-oldPoor1 dot1 dot2 dots2d+21d1d+23-26
2610 year-oldPoor1 dot1 dot2 dots3d1d2d4-27
2711 year-oldPoor1 dot1 dot2 dots3d+21d2d+25-28
2812 year oldMediocre1 dot1 dot2 dots4d2d3d6-19
30velociraptorMediocre1 dot1 dot2 dots4d2d3d+29-19
32adult humanAverage2 dots2 dots4 dots6d2d4d11+010
36?Fair3 dots3 dots6 dots8d3d5d21+112
40large humanGood4 dots4 dots8 dots104d6d24+214
44weightlifterGreat4 dots4 dots8 dots124d8d26+216
48Cap. AmericaSuperb5 dots5 dots10 dots15d5d10d30+318
55HorseSuperb6 dots5 dots10 dots15d5d10d30+319
60wolfman, carFantastic6 dots6 dots12 dots16d6d10d31?20
73vanEpic?? dots? dots?d?d?d??21
86delivery truckLegendary?? dots? dots?d?d?d??22
100elephantLegendary+2?? dots? dots?d?d?d??23
100killer whaleLegendary+2?? dots? dots?d?d?d??23
100tyrannosaurusLegendary+2?? dots? dots?d?d?d??24
250dragon, yachtLegendary +??? dots? dots?d?d?d??24
500GodzillaLegendary +??? dots? dots?d?d?d??25
1000huge spaceshipLegendary +??? dots? dots?d?d?d???


? means that it is undefined in that system.
Att means Attribute, intended to reflect stable abilities that affect many skills, such as strength and intelligence. In dice pool systems, the Attribute is often added to the skill rating to come up with the pool.
CombinedRoll is the total pool, a sum of the attribute and the skill rating, used in dice pool mechanics.


The explanations and justifications for this can be found on this google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hKQqpCiGLSFcz4te1K8-v0ERo-M2rC67APTf8aH_cdc/edit?usp=sharing.

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