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The Science of Imagination

March, 2010, TEDxCarletonU

On March 30, 2010, I gave a talk at TEDxCarletonU. You can see the talk at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caBIboOGSe4 or you can watch it on youtube.com by clicking below:

You can read my transcript of my talk (what I'd planned to say, anyway).

Here are some links related to the TEDxCarletonU event:

I got some media attention from this gig:

I mention several projects in the talk:

I'd like to thank my students who helped with the research presented: Jonathan Gagné, Connor Smith, and Cesar Astudillo. Thanks also to Luc Lalande, who put TEDxCarltonU together, and his team of students who helped, including Ahmad Akkaoui (who helped film), Abdulla Al-Ogail (filming and editing), Nic Osborne (social media marketing), Erin Thibodeau (marketing), and especially Amanda Emmanuel, who made the fabulous movie that functioned as the slides of my talk.

JimDavies ( jim@jimdavies.org )