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Breault, V., Ouellet, S. & Davies, J. (2021). Let CONAN tell you a story: Procedural quest generation. Entertainment Computing. 38, 100422, 1--9.

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Unfortunately, some of the files are missing and we are trying to track them down. So you can read but not run the code here:


This work proposes an engine for the Creation Of Novel Adventure Narrative (CONAN), which is a procedural quest generator that uses a planning approach. The engine is tested on its ability to create quests, which are sets of actions that must be performed in order to achieve a certain goal. The engine takes in a world description represented as a set of facts, including characters, locations, and items, and generates quests according to the state of the world and the preferences of the characters in it. We evaluate quests through the classification of the motivations behind the quests. We also compare world descriptions of two different sizes. Compared to human structural quest classification, the current engine was found to be able to replicate the quest structures found in commercial video game quests.

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