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The Science of a Better You

To be Published by Pegasus Press February 2, 2021.

The first-ever popular book on the science of imagination, shedding light on both the complex inner workings of our minds and the ways in which we can channel imagination for a better life.

"Jim Davies has done the impossible: he's written a book about becoming a better person that's not boring, preachy, or snake oil. His writing is lucid and funny, his arguments are grounded in evidence, and his wisdom is right on point for living a good life. This is one of the year's best cognitive science books.''

        --Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and GIVE AND TAKE, and host of the chart-topping TED podcast WorkLife

"Davies masterfully pulls together the scientific literature on how to be a better person, along with why you might want to be. This is a book for optimizers, and for people who want to know where to start on being happier, more productive, and more moral. Even if you think you're already good at all of these, you'll be surprised to learn what science has to say about being even better. A compelling read."

        --Daniel Levitin, bestselling author of THE ORGANIZED MIND and THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC.

"If you're looking to improve yourself - and the world around you - you need to read this book. Full of insights and packed with cutting-edge science, Being the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are is a delightful and fascinating read."

        --William MacAskill, Oxfore University, co-founder of The Center for Effective Altruism, and author of DOING GOOD BETTER.

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ISBN-13: 978-1643136509
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