Cognitive Science Summaries

edited by Jim Davies

This site has summaries of artificial intelligence and cognitive science papers and book chapters. It is intended to help find papers to read, or as a reminder of the gist of a paper you've already read. The Cognitive Science Summaries project is a part of my Educational Research theme.


Please contribute to this site with your own summaries. Multiple summaries of the same article are terrific. Many people have contributed to this site.

Here is the template for the summaries, if you care to use it. Don't worry about converting it if you have already written the summary in another format-- just email me the text file and I will take care of the rest.

To help you understand these summaries, it might be helpful to look at the Other online resources.

Assigning the Writing of a Summary as a class project

You can also contribute to the summaries page by assigning individuals or groups to write a summary for a class project. See the assignment page for a sample assignment.

Citing the Summaries

If you cite a paper you really should read the original. If you want to cite a summary on this site, use the following format:

Furcy, D. (1999). Summary of Amarel 1968 On representations of problems of reasoning about actions. In J. Davies (ed.) Cognitive Science Summaries Internet Web site. URL:

Where D. Furcy is the summary author and 1999 is the year the summary is written. This information is on each summary page.

The Summaries:

See also Zach Hambrick's Cognitive Psychology Summaries.

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